Monday, August 3, 2020

Jess's Review ~ Grenade by Annie Dyer

Grenade My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Book two is told from Benjamin's POV and while we spend all of these pages in his head, I still feel like we have no idea who he really is. Other than torn between his feelings and his loyalty.

Grenade takes place right after Chandelier ends. Blair has a very difficult decision to make and she leans on those she trusts. Ben is all over the place, literally. Working to keep the princess safe while at the same time moving his piece carefully along the chessboard. Then there is the kingmaker, advising in the background. What was most interesting is while we found out a bit about Ben, I felt like we found out a lot more about Isaac.

I felt like book had a bit more sizzle than Chandelier. As our characters get deeper into the story that is unfolding, they are more "comfortable" with each other and their own needs. This again leaves you in dire need of the next book. I felt like this book lacked any closure for what was going on but it was a good in-between. It sets the stage, you find out...sort of...who is pulling the strings and you realize that EVERYONE has an agenda. None of those agendas line up with each other. I am more than intrigued about where we go from here and how this will all come together (or not) in the end.

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