Monday, August 3, 2020

Jess's Review ~ Lost Girl by Dee Garcia

Lost GirlMy rating: 4 of 5 stars


Lost Girl takes place on the heels of Venom. This book tells us what was to become of Wendy.

This book was not quite a retelling, but it takes place in this world that Dee has created. And what a world it is. I love the idea of this alternate realm where the creatures of our fairytale come to life. Tinksley begins this book after she has embraced what she has become. She is a bit dangerous and a bit not under control. So to her taking Wendy seems like the logical choice. Then because she is a bit, not herself, the dungeon seems like the logical choice.

Tavi is Tigerlily's brother. You very briefly meet him in the last book and only know him for the trouble he has caused and the price his sister had to pay for those sins. Tavi is the Alpha of the Lost Boys, which is a unique twist on what they were originally. He begrudgingly attends a Peter is Dead party and discovers more than he bargained for.

Wendy is a lost soul, confused about what she be filling. The supposed love of her life was not at all what she thought he was. She is brought to a place that shouldn't exist and Tinksley is the worst person she should be dealing with. But even though she is lost, she becomes found.

This book wasn't quite as sexy as the last book but had just as much grit. I do feel like we are missing something. Or maybe I missed something? Or maybe the answers that I seek are still to come? There was a touch of suspense and wonder. A dark and delicious world I am truly enjoying. And characters that I can't get enough of. There were still bits of Hook and Tink, while we meet some of the Lost Boys and ending that has me curious about what is to come.

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