Monday, August 3, 2020

Jess's Review ~ Mirage by C.M. Radcliff

Mirage My rating: 4 of 5 stars



I was not expecting that But I am all in and I would like book two now, please.

This is another addition to the Sinister Fairytales and this one was based on Aladdin. I have to say the connection is loose, but I could get there. Jaslyn is the princess, quite literally locked away in her castle, put there by the evil Jasper. But this not like any fairytale I remember. It is darker and way more grown-up.

Jaslyn longs to be free from Jasper, who is certainly an evil human. He finds Axel and lures him into "working" for him. To Jasper it is all about the money, to Axel, it is all about taking care of himself. Axel is a fighter and he is good at beating people to a pulp. He has used his fists for so long at this point he doesn't know much of anything else. He just wants to pave his own way and finds that with Jasper's offer.

And then Jaslyn and Axel meet. And then the trouble begins. The road to get to all the troubles was pretty intense. Their connection was clear and the tension between them was like a volcano. bubbling and stewing until it finally erupts. We are left in a terrible place, for all of the heart-pounding and what's going to happen nexts to be left like that was unkind but totally worth it.

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