Monday, August 3, 2020

Jess's Review ~ Stolen Choices by Anna Edwards

Stolen Choices (Glacial Blood #6) My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Book 6 in the Glacial Blood series and the drama doesn't stop. I kind of feel like this is one that you should at least know what is going on in the series before you pick it up. There is an overall story arc that is not resolved but I feel like in each book something happens that will be very important to the next book.

In this book though the central characters are Katia and Jackson. I have always liked Katia. She is quiet but fierce. She does not enjoy people touching her because of her past and has finally had enough of all of the couples living in the mansion. Jackson is part of Nuka's pack and has been misguided for years. His views are skewed but like a good little soldier, he does what he is told. This time though, he struggles with his mission as it includes taking Katia.

These books are shorter so I feel like there is a lot packed into them. There was action, danger and some dark corners in this book. What Katia went through was soul breaking and to see the struggle in Jackson tore at my heart. I did just want to shake him though.

This was a good addition to this series and the overall story is starting to heat up by scary levels. A war is coming to the GB and I can't help but wonder who the causalities might be.

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