Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Diane's Review ~ Must Love Dogs...and Hockey by Kelly Jamieson

Must Love Dogs...and HockeyMust Love Dogs...and Hockey by Kelly Jamieson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I love dogs, hockey and this story!

This author’s hockey reads are terrific so a new series had me at the front of the queue. Otis, Lilly, and Easton were the perfect mix of love that we all need more of…

Not sure who rescued who but Otis was the center of Lilly’s and Easton’s relationship. Lilly was funny and positive even as she wrestled with money problems and an overwhelming need to not disappoint those she cared about. Easton was trying to keep his head down, not wanting to lose any more than he already had. When teammates, and Lilly, point out what could make him improve himself (and his life) he still wasn’t afraid to man up…

Waffling between business-like and friendly friends was funny and sweet in turn as the puppy opened up Easton’s eyes to what he was missing and Lilly realized men (Easton of course!) could be the one who stayed… Flirty banter, lots of doggy talk and a whole lot of soul-searching had them falling in love… Whether there were problems on and off the ice, family struggles or wrestling with their own sense of right and wrong, they were each other’s sounding board and moral compass… If uncertainty could tear them apart, maybe honesty could fix it all.

Full of emotion and understated drama, this was a great story full of romance and all the puppy love! If you didn’t love dogs and hockey before, I think this will change your mind…

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