Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Teaser Share ~ Dax by Kat Mizera

Dax by Kat Mizera releases on October 13th!


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Protecting her is a deadly game...

Rugged hockey star Dax O’Day has always had a thing for his best friend and teammate’s twin sister, but that’s a line you don’t cross. Not in hockey, and definitely not in life. He can’t stop thinking about her, and when she turns to him for help, there isn’t a chance in hell he can refuse her—even if it means getting his hands dirty.

Beautiful and brilliant, Isla Campbell is an astronomy professor who comes from a titled Scottish family. She’s loved Dax since the first time they met, but he’s never been interested, so she tries not to think about it. After a brutal attack, she needs help and he’s the only one she can trust as she struggles to overcome her demons.

He wants to stay by her side... a constant in the storm. And when the past threatens to come crashing back into her life, he’ll protect her at all costs.

His career, his reputation, even his life. Will it be enough?


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