Monday, September 14, 2020

Teaser Share ~ The Drafted Anthology E-Books

Answer the call for military romance! The e-books of the Drafted Anthology, volumes 1 & 2, a #TNTNYC20 exclusive, will be live on October 10th.

PREORDER THEM ALL! (some links redirect to the author's Amazon page)

Coming Home by CJ Allison -  

Marco's Salvation by E.M. Shue -  

Taming Keys by Khloe Wren -  

Catch and Release by Nicole S. Patrick - 

Bent Not Broken by Nikki Mays - 

I'll Give It All by Gianna Gabriela -  

Kade's Worth by Heather Slade -  

Fight or Flight by Janine Infante Bosco -  

Lone Star by Kate Kinsley -  

Cover of Darkness by Lisa B. Kamps -

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Prepare for an invasion of thrilling military romance as some of your favorite Tempted and Tantalizing Authors join forces for Drafted, a two-volume #TNTNYC20 Exclusive Anthology. Each paperback features the bravest, toughest, most bad-ass heroes to ever wear the uniform!

Volume One takes no prisoners with sexy, suspenseful short stories by C.J. Allison, E.M. Shue, Khloe Wren, Nicole S. Patrick, & Nikki Mays.

Volume Two will capture your heart with irresistible reads from Gianna Gabriela, Heather Slade, Janine Infante Bosco, Kate Kinsley, Lisa B. Kamps, & Scott Hildreth.

Get your boots on the ground and do whatever it takes to snag your copies of this two-part anthology!


C.J. Allison --  

Janine Infante Bosco --  

Gianna Gabriela --  

Lisa B. Kamps --  

Kate Kinsley --  

Nikki Mays --  

Nicole S. Patrick --  

E.M. Shue -- 

Heather Slade --  

Khloe Wren --

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