Saturday, November 14, 2020

Review Blitz ~ #REVIEW ~ Just One Kiss by J. Saman


Just One Kiss from USA Today bestselling author J. Saman is LIVE!

Don’t miss this fun and steamy, second chance holiday romance!

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The heart wants what it wants and mine has never stopped wanting her.   

 London Canterbury and I were never meant to be. Her family was rich. She was cheer captain. The most popular girl in our school while I was the opposite. Poor, nerdy, and invisible. Eight years ago, I kissed the hell out of her, knowing I was never going to see her again. Or so I thought. Because here I am, rescuing none other than London who crashed her car into a tree in the middle of a blizzard. Right before Christmas. Now she’s stuck in my house. In my head. Back in my heart before I ever have a chance to stop it. As the storm intensifies outside so does the fire between us. Despite all that, I know this is too good to last. That eventually, the storm will end, and she’ll leave. But losing her is no longer an option. I’m hoping that sometimes all it takes to fall in love is just one kiss… 


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This book started with a little suspense which had me wondering what was going to happen and I liked it! Then it happened and it was pretty great!

London was heading to her parent's house in the middle 

of a massive snow storm. Her car had a different idea. London felt hopeless with no cell signal and no way out.

Miles was driving through the storm with Betsy his dog who only listened to Taylor Swift. He saw the red lights and knew he had to stop and help. Little did he know the woman who needed help was his long time crush since High School.

They spent nine years wondering what happened to the other. They finally got the chance and there were fireworks! Neither of them knowing what would happen after the storm but, both of them knowing what they wanted and to afraid to act on it. They had an amazing time being snowed in together after Miles rescued her. The London left and not too long after Miles was in her parents driveway! True Love always wins. 




J. Saman is a USA Today bestselling author who is addicted to Diet Coke, sour candy, and indie rock. She swears way too much (especially after a glass of wine) and has a penchant for sarcasm (or so her husband and children like to tell her). She's an admitted lover of second chance romances, love triangles, and the perfect amount of angst. She is best known for writing contemporary romance filled with smart, strong women, and sexy alphas who have a softer side - especially for their women.  


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