Friday, December 4, 2020

Cover Reveal ~ Ice Queen by Maggie Kay

Ice Queen by Maggie Kay Echoes of the Underworld Series #2

GENRE: Dark Romance / Mafia Romance/ Fake Fiancé
SERIES: Echoes of The Underworld Book#2 - Can be read as a Standalone
RELEASE DATE: 19th Dec 2020
COVER DESIGNER: Matador Graphic Design


I am Eden Kastrati. The only female family member left in the Kastrati outfit.

I had a choice. Betray my brother, or save my cousin, who is also my best friend. I made that decision with my heart, and now it haunts me every single day. Even though I don’t regret my choice, it has left me feeling like an outcast and empty inside.

Some say what I did was brave. Others say I am a rat. They call me the Ice Queen, cold and detached, but it is better that way. I will never have to feel anything for anyone ever again.

Alessio Valsetti, known as the playboy of the Valsetti family, thinks he can change all that with his witty charm and devilishly good looks. He is so arrogant and foolish to believe he can make me feel again. Does he forget that his family killed mine?

I can't believe I am even contemplating his offer? But what other choice do I have? Staying would mean signing my own death certificate, or marrying the highest bidder.

So, do I agree to marry the devil I know? Or, gamble everything on the devil I don’t?






❤️ The Echoes of the Underworld Series❤️

Black Heart -Book #1


Echoes of the Underworld Series Book#1 - A standalone Dark Mafia, Enemies to Lovers Romance.   

My name is Nicolai Valsetti, people call me Black Heart.

My father has been murdered making me the next king of New Jersey. I was taught to live by three mottos…pride, power, and protection.

With my father dead, and my brother kidnapped, all I feel is pain, all I want is possession

I will get my revenge.

The daughter of my rival and biggest enemy has literally fallen into my lap. She was never meant to be part of the plan, but Sophia Kastrati turns out to be the perfect pawn in a very dangerous game of vengeance.

The only problem is, she is as beautiful as she is brave, and has captured my full attention. What started as a war out for blood may very well end in one fighting for her heart.

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