Thursday, December 3, 2020

Release Blitz ~ Chaos at Cullen High by Susannah K Stone

Title: Chaos at Cullen High
Series: Cullen Town #1
Author: Susannah K Stone
Genre: Dark High School Romance
Release Date: November 29, 2020

★★ The steamy new series from the bestselling author of the Rebel Love trilogy ★★

Arrested. Spurned. Kicked out of foster care. Life’s been chaotic for Ellie Mason after a devastating accident two years ago upended her world and shredded her heart and hope.
Now, Ellie keeps her secrets close and her defences strong. Things are easier that way. Safer. Especially as the new scholarship student at exclusive Cullen High, yet another place she doesn’t fit in.
Enter Cal Keane. Cullen High’s rebel misfit with a heart as dark and misunderstood as his tattoos and his motorbike. Cal’s the only one to notice Ellie’s broken soul behind the bravado and the shields. A soul he makes it his mission to mend.
But to Ellie, being mended means opening up. It means revealing secrets hidden for years.
Shunned. Rejected. Hated.
Sometimes it’s better the devil you know…

School – or jail. Conform – or rebel. Cal Keane’s made many choices since his dad moved the family to Cullen town seven months before.
The biggest decision of all? Hitting the road the second he turns eighteen, leaving the sour memory of Cullen High and Cullen town far behind. Six months, one and a half school semesters, and he’ll never lay eyes on Cullen again.
Cal’s never had ties, never had trust… and that’s how he likes it.
Enter Ellie Mason.
Broken. Tough. Vulnerable. Defences so high no-one can penetrate.
And suddenly Cal’s escape plan seems like the worst choice of all…
Alpha is drawn to alpha. Damage is drawn to damage. And alpha and damaged combined? The only result is chaos. 

❤ CHAOS AT CULLEN HIGH is a steamy and sensuous dark high school romance mixing love and violence, tenderness and toughness. If you like strong alpha males, independent heroines and romance with a rough and readable edge, this one's for you! ❤ 
CHAOS is the first book in CULLEN TOWN TALES, a series of interconnected standalones and duets exploring the *many* dark and sexy secrets of a small seaside town. It’s a HFN (no cliffhanger) dark romance duet finishing in a HEA in Book 2. The sequel, CARNAGE AT CULLEN COMP, releases early 2021.

Five minutes later I’m on the back of a bike, arms loosely wrapped around this guy’s waist, roaring down the hill and towards Cullen town.
I wonder where the fuck I’m going.
I also wonder what the fuck I’m doing.
But mostly? I just hang on for the ride.


Cal and Ellie aren’t strangers. They have met before even if one of them doesn’t have realize it.

Ellie had a great life, great parents, an awesome band and one night that changes. Now she finds herself a part of the system and living with people who have no interest or love for her. An opportunity has risen and she must take it but is it really something that will be good for her.

Cal is rough around the edges and definitely doesn’t fit in with the crowd around him but he doesn’t care. He is counting the minutes until he can escape that is until he meets Ellie. The two of them attract trouble and this town is full of it.

I found the writing style to be a little confusing at times but overall I enjoyed the story and the cliff hanger definitely left me wanting more.

Susannah K Stone is a smutty sub author of steamy and dark romance stories about tough alpha males and the women who fell them. She’s the author of the acclaimed Rebel Love prison bully dark romance series CAPTURED, HUNTED and FREED (plus bonus epilogue RELEASED) - read the five-star reviews at

Susannah is an Amazon bestseller as L.A. Cox of taboo erotica short stories including the popular Toni and Tom titles. She now writes as Susannah K Stone/Smart Smut Books, with several smutty dark titles due in 2020 and 2021. 

Susannah is also the published author of two literary fiction novels; a qualified journalist with hundreds of international publishing credits; and a fiction editor of 15 years’ experience. She's a southpaw boxer keen to get back into the ring.


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