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Blog Tour ~ #REVIEW ~ The Virgin Rule Book by Lauren Blakely

  THE VIRGIN RULE BOOK by Lauren Blakely  
Release Date: April 23rd   
 Add to Goodreads:   From #1 New York Times Bestselling author Lauren Blakely comes an all-new sports romance series, First to Score, featuring virgins, athletes, and weddings—OH MY!! THE VIRGIN RULE BOOK, a friends-to-lovers, brother’s best friend romance, will be launching this brand-new, fun, sexy and wild series! 
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A sexy, brother's best friend sports romance from # 1 New York Times bestseller Lauren Blakely!Let me make a few things clear. I didn’t go to the wedding intending to dance with the best man, to dare him to show me a very sexy pic on his phone, or to accidentally kiss him in the hotel elevator after the reception ended.But you know how it goes. Things just happen at weddings...The next day, Crosby and I agree to put all those shenanigans behind us. The fun-loving, stupidly gorgeous, all-star baseball player might be my brother’s best friend, but he’s my friend too and has been for years, so it’s easy to move on, especially because I have a high-profile business to run.But since he’s newly single and I’m always single, it turns out we both desperately need plus ones. We agree to “publicly date” over the next two weeks of galas, parties and events before his baseball season begins.The only trouble is the more time I spend with Crosby, the more I keep imagining how much I want him to take my V-card.And when I broach the possibility with Crosby, his answer surprises the hell out of me.
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The Virgin Rule Book was a fun, friends to lovers/best-friend’s little sister/older brother’s best friend romance. It features Nadia and Crosby, a strong confident football team owner and an equally confident and sweet baseball player. Their careers added some what of a sports romance aspect to the story.

I loved the role reversal from what I usually see in billionaire books explored here. Normally it’s all about the male billionaire but I loved seeing a woman in that role. And I loved the issues that came from that role change. Things like some men and their discomfort with women who make more money. It was written about really well.

One of the things I love about Lauren Blakey books is that while I’m enjoying one, I’m also getting excited for someone else’s book. There are always these fantastic secondary characters that spark my interest when I’m reading that I hope will be getting their own book soon. This time there just so happen to be several someones that had me interested.

Overall this was a really good new book and one that I would recommend to fellow contemporary fans or just fans for Lauren Blakely in general.  

About Lauren Blakely:  
A #1 New York Times Bestselling, #1 Wall Street Journal Bestselling, and #1 Audible Bestselling author, Lauren Blakely is known for her contemporary romance style that's sweet, sexy and witty. She also writes red-hot, escapist love stories. She'd love to give you a free book today! Check out her web site to grab your free read:    
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